Notice:The original Zhejiang Chaoda valve Co., Ltd upgraded itself to Chaoda Valves Group Co., Ltd, that is the Chaoda Valves Group, and as Chaoda Group for short.

CHAODA valve

Products of Chaoda Valves Group

Products of Chaoda Valves Group

   The main products of Chaoda Valves Group are: Metal To Metal sealed ball valve(For Industries of coal chemical, polysilicon, aerospace and petrochemical), Full welded ball valve(For Petroleum industry), Bellow seals gate valve(For polysilicon industry), Wafer check valve(For power generation industry), Lifting plug valve(For petrochemical industry), Special safety and three way valve(For metallurgy industry), Oilfield&Weldhead valve(For petroleum industry), Cryogenic valve(For petroleum industry), Control valve and other ball, gate, check, globe, butterfly Valves and flanges according to ANSI/API, JIS, DIN, BS, NF or GB standard. All Products are widely used in industries of petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas, coal chemical, polysilicon, metallurgy, power generation, aerospace and etc.

All types of Ball valves: Floating Ball valve, Trunnion Ball valve, Metal to metal sealed Ball valve, Full welded Ball valve, Cryogenic Ball valve, One piece body Ball valve, V type Ball valve, Three way Ball valve, Wafer type connection Ball valve, Jacket type Ball valve, High pressure forged Ball valve, Female threaded Ball valve, and other special usage Ball valves.

All types of Gate valves: Gate valve(API/ANSI, GB, JIS, DIN standard), Forged type Gate valve, Cryogenic Gate valve, Jacket Gate valve, Extended Stem Gate valve, Slab type Gate valve, and Knife Gate valve. 

All types of Globe valves: GLobe valve(API/ANSI, GB, JIS, DIN standard), Forged type Globe valve, Cryogenic Globe valve, Oxygen usage Globe valve.

All types of Check valves: Swing Check valve, Lift Check valve, Wafer type Check valve, Forged type Check valve,Cryogenic type Check valve and so on.  

All types of Butterfly valves: Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Central line Butterfly Valve, Telescopic Type Butterfly Valve.

All types of Plug valves: Lift type Plug valve, ANSI/API standard Plug valve, GB standard Plug valve.

All types of Control valves: Control type Ball Valve,  Control type Gate Valve, Control type Butterfly Valve, Regulating series, Hydraulic Control Valve.

All types of Cryogenic valves: Cryogenic Ball Valve, Cryogenic Gate Valve, Cryogenic Globe Valve, Cryogenic Check Valve, Cryogenic Butterfly valve.

Special valve: Combined type three way valve, Safety valve for blower, Negative pressure safety valve, Low pressure safety valve, Oilfield valve, Power station valve and other non-standard valve.

All types of Coal chemical valves: Lock hopper valve, Wear-resistant ball valve, Black&gray water-slurry used ball valve, Delayed coking usage ball valve and Black-ash water used regulating valve.

All types of Bellow seals valves: Bellow seals gate Valve, Bellow seals Ball ValveBellow seals Globe Valve.