Notice:The original Zhejiang Chaoda valve Co., Ltd upgraded itself to Chaoda Valves Group Co., Ltd, that is the Chaoda Valves Group, and as Chaoda Group for short.

CHAODA valve

Systematic Flow equipment research institute of Chaoda

Zhejiang Key enterprise research institute

-Systematic Flow equipment research institute of Chaoda Group

     Chaoda has set up Provincial Key enterprise research institute, Provincial enterprise technology center, Provincial technology R&D center, Provincial Key enterprise technology innovation team to deal with the R&D of new products and technology. Till now, we have developed more than 40 new valve products for national key project and get many prizes such as 101 National patent, 3 nationall key new product, 11 provincial new product, 4 national torch Project, 5 China Mechnical industry Technology progress prize, 20 Technology progress prize of minicipal&country level. Chaoda is also awarded Zhejiang Pilot enterprise for innovation, Zhejiang's Patent Demonstration company, Zhejiang's Demonstration company of cooperation of Enterprise, University &Research center .

Systematic Flow equipment research institue of Chaoda Group

Systematic Flow equipment research institue of Chaoda Group
General Manager: Huang Mingjin(2nd from L),
The president of research insitute(3rd from L):Qiu Xiaolai,
The manager of E-business department(4th from L): Wang Yunda.

President of the research institute---Qiu Xiaolai

       Chaoda pays great importance to talents. Invited by Chairman, Wang Hanzhou, Mr. Qiu Xiaolai who was the vice director of Valve research department, General machinery research institute,machinery Ministry came to work for Chaoda since 1995 as the Chief engineer and head of the R&D institute and has made great contribution to company and valve industry. Mr. Qiu was rewarded the honors of National worker Model, National May-1st prize, state's special allowance, Zhejiang 151 talent, Zhejiang scientific talent with outstanding contribution, Wenzhou scientific&technology talent with outstanding contribution, Wenzhou's First tier famous person&master, Yongjia scientific&technology talent with outstanding contribution, Most influential Person during Oubei's 20th foundation annuversary. Now he is the member of pressure-pipeline branch committee, National QC special equipment committee,  the national committee member of national valve standardized center and so on.

      Qiu Xiaolai has been in charged with many national research project. Some of his achievements are: 3 Second prize of provincial&ministerial technology progress, 2 Third prize of provincial&ministerial technology progress, 1 CMES working result reward,  2 Second prize of Scientific&technology of Chinese Mechnical industry, 1 First Prize of China AMST progress and many othere rewards at provincial&city&county level. He has got 3 national invention patent, 40 national utility model patent  and 3 national torch project, finished 1 national new product and 10 provincial new product. And Qiu is also delicated in writing some books. He has taken part in the compilation of Mechanical Engineering Handbook and Valve Design Manual as the main writer and also assembled all the drafts of the whole book. Moreover, he has involved in the book compilation of Sample Of Valve, Practical Handbook of Valve Design as the chief editor and Valve as vice editor and many other famous published books

Systematic Flow equipment research institue of Chaoda Group