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H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve

H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valves

CHAODA Valves Group is specialized in manufacturing H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve with following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc. Check valve is an automatic valve installed on the pipeline acting as the device to prevent the backflow of medium with the force of medium pressure.

H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve

Type: H76H,H76Y,H76W
Bore: NPS1½~NPS84,DN40~DN2100
Rating: Class150~Class2500,PN20~PN420
Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Duplex Stainless Steel
Applicable: Oil,Chemical,Natural Gas,Petrochemical,Coal Chemical and so on

Honor:Zhejiang Famous Exporting Brand,Chinese patent


H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Check Valve product description

H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valves are suitable for use on various kinds of pipeline from Class150 To Class2500, PN20 To PN420 to cut off or connect the following of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. 

    CHAODA GROUP WENZHOU E-BUSINESS CO., wholly owned subsidiary by Chaoda Group,Professional sales CHAODA group products," CHAODA" valve products。" CHAODA"valves won the reputations of Zhejiang Famous Trademark,Zhejiang Famous Brand,Zhejiang Famous Exporting Brand and also enjoys prizes of 101 National Patent。

H76 Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve product features

   Small Volume, light weight which is only 1/4 to 1/20 of traditional flanged check valve.

   Quick opening and closing, small water hammer.
   Could be installed on vertical & horizontal pipeline.

   Smooth passage, small flowing resistance
   Quick action speed, good sealing performance

   Short closing to opening stroke
   Integral & compact construction, good appearance.

H76 Dual Plate Wafer Swing Check Valve standards

 Design and manufacture standards:API 594, JB/T 8937
 Face to face dimensions standards:ASME B 16.10, GB/T 12221
 Connection ends standards:ASME B 16.5, GB, JB, HG, SH, BS, DIN, JIS...
 Testing inspection standards:API 598, GB/T 13927, GB/T 26480, JB/T9092, ISO 5208

H76 Wafer Type Swing Check Valve parts and material

Dual Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve main size and weight

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