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GB Globe Valve

GB Globe Valve

     CHAODA group专业研制生产GB Globe Valve等 valve products, CHAODA生产的GB Globe Valve has the features of Good sealing, reliable, safety and long life span.GB Globe Valve的启闭件是圆柱形的阀瓣,密封面呈平面或锥面,阀瓣沿流体的中心线作直线运动。GBGB Globe Valve只适用于全开和全关,一般不用来调节流量,定做时允许作调节和节流。

CHAODA Valves Group is specialized in manufacturing GB Globe valve with following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc.  Plug type disc with cone or flat sealing face as the closure member, GB Standard Flanged cast steel globe valve is usually only suitable for fully on and off purpose unless it's designed for regulating and throttling purpose. 

    国标铸钢Globe Valve的使用极为普通,但由于开启和关闭力矩较大,Face to face dimensions 较长,通常公称通径都限制在250mm以下,也有到400mm的,但选用时需特别注意进出口方向。一般150mm以下的Globe Valve介质大都从阀瓣的下方流入,而200mm以上的Globe Valve介质大都从阀瓣的上方流入。这是考虑到阀门的关闭力矩所致。为了减小开启或关闭力矩,一般200mm以上的Globe Valve都设内旁通或外旁通阀门。

The GB Cast steel Globe valve is widely used. However, owing to its large opening torque and long F-T-F dimension, the nominal size is usually limited to DN250, and largest to DN400. For Globe vlave smaller than DN150, the medium comes from the down side of disc, while for larger than DN200, the medium would come from the upper side of disc owing to the consideration of closing torque of valve. In order to reduce the opening and closing torque, internal by-pass or external by pass valve is set for Globe valve larger than DN200.

    CHAODA GROUP WENZHOU E-BUSINESS CO.,LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD.With  Chaoda valves group(CHAODA group”) quality management and safety system(Get the approvals of ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, API6D, CE/PED, API607,API6FA, ISO15848-1, TS and API600 gate valve certified),top level developing team(Provincial Key Enterprise research Institute,Provincial Key Enterprise Technology  Innovative Group, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center),advanced machining equipment, well chemical analyst and inspection equipment(Optical Spectrometer, Helium low emission tester, High & Low temperature performance equipment and etc)we could provide our clients with perfect products and satisfied service.

GB Globe Valve 

Type: J41H,J41Y,J41W,J641H,J641Y,J641W,J941H,J941Y,J941W等

Bore: DN15~DN200
Rating: PN16~PN160
Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Duplex Stainless Steel
Operation: Manual,Gear Operated,Electric Operated,Pneumatic Operated
Applicable: Oil,Chemical,Natural Gas,Petrochemical,Coal Chemical and so on


GB Globe Valve product description

    GB Globe Valve适用于DN15~DN200,PN16~PN160的各种管路上,用于截断或接通管路中的介质。选用不同的材质,CHAODA group的GB Globe Valve可分别适用于水,蒸汽,油品,硝酸,醋酸,氧化性介质,尿素等多种介质。GB Globe Valve的驱动方式为手动,蜗轮传动,气动或电动。GB Globe Valve一般采用法兰连接,也可采用对焊连接。

GB Standard Globe valves(Generally flanged connection, but Butt-welding optional) are suitable for using on various kinds of pipeline from PN16 To PN160, DN15 To DN200 to cut off or connect the flowing of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. Manual/bevel gear/pneumatic or electric actuators could be chosen by needs. 

    CHAODA GROUP WENZHOU E-BUSINESS CO., wholly owned subsidiary by Chaoda Group,Professional sales CHAODA group products,CHAODA valve products。CHAODA valves won the reputations of Zhejiang Famous Trademark,Zhejiang Famous Brand,Zhejiang Famous Exporting Brand and also enjoys prizes of 101 National Patent。

    GB Globe Valve是Globe Valve系列中最常用的产品,阀瓣和阀座的密封面采用不同硬度的司太立(Stellite)钴基硬质合金堆焊而成,密封可靠,硬度高,耐磨,耐高温,耐腐蚀,抗擦伤性能好,寿命长。

GB Globe valve is one of the most common type of Globe valve. The sealing face of disc & seat are all deposited with different hardness STL or other hard alloy to ensure its features of reliable sealing, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scraping resistance and long life span. 

    国标低温Globe Valve通常指工作温度低于 -110℃ 的阀门,广泛应用于液化天然气,液化石油气体和其它低温行业。可制造适用温度达 -196℃ 的Globe Valve,全部parts采用液氮进行低温预处理,完全避免使用过程中密封变形泄露。 

GB cryogenic Globe valve refers to the globe valve with working temperature lower than -110℃。 It is widely used for industries of LNG, LPG, and other cryogenic medium. CHAODA could manufacture cryogenic globe valve with working temperature of -196℃. And all the components should be cryogenic treated in the liquid nitrogen medium to avoid any potential deformation in future using owing to the cryogenic impact.

     CHAODA group除了生产GB Globe Valve,还生产日标Globe Valve,氧气Globe Valve,美标铸钢Globe Valve等。

Except GB Globe valve, CHAODA could also produce JIS Globe Valve, Oxygen usage Globe valve, API Cast steel Globe valve and etc.

GB Globe Valve product features

     CHAODA GB Globe Valve has the features of Good sealing, reliable, safety and long life span.

GB Standard Globe valve developed by CHAODA has following good characteristics: good sealing performance, reliable safety guarantee, long life span and etc.

     CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD. launched its quality management and safety system as ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, API6D, CE/PED, API607,API6FA, ISO15848-1 TS and API 600.

GB Globe Valve standards

 Design and manufacture standards:GB/T 12235, JB/T 7746
 Face to face dimensions standards:GB/T 12221
 Flange dimensions standards:GB/T 9112~9124, JB/T 74~90, HG/T 20592
 Testing inspection standards:GB/T 13927, GB/T 26480, JB/T9092, ISO 5208

GB Globe Valve parts and material

GB Globe Valve main size and weight

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