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API Cast Steel Globe Valve

API Cast Steel Globe Valve

     CHAODA group专业研制生产API Cast Steel Globe Valve等 valve products。美标铸钢法兰Globe Valve,属于强制密封式阀门,所以在Globe Valve关闭时,必须向阀瓣施加压力,以强制密封面不泄漏。当介质由Globe Valve的阀瓣下方进入阀门时,操作力所需要克服的阻力,是阀杆和填料的摩擦力与由介质的压力所产生的推力,关闭Globe Valve的力比开启Globe Valve所需要的力大,所以阀杆的直径要大,否则会发生阀杆顶弯的故障。

CHAODA Valves Group is specialized in manufacturing API Cast Steel Globe valve. The disc of Globe valve should be pushed onto the sealing face of seat by force to achieve a good sealing. It would need a bigger force for closing the valve than opening as we need to overcome the friction force between the stem & packing together with the pressure force from medium. So the diameter of stem should be big enough to avoid potential problems of stem bending. 

    美标Globe Valve都有倒密封设计,通常情况下,美标碳钢Globe Valve的阀座设计采用分离式倒密封结构,不锈钢美标Globe Valve的倒密封是直接加工或者是焊后加工。当阀门在全开位置时,倒密封的密封面非常可靠。虽然按照standards API 600中有倒密封,但这不作为在带压情况下更换填料的依据。

All the API Standard cast steel globe valve has the back seating design which is machined directly on the bonnet or after welding. The sealing of the back seat is very reliable when valve is in its full opening position. However, though back seat is required according to API 600, it's not advisable to change the packing with  pressure within the valve.

    CHAODA GROUP WENZHOU E-BUSINESS CO.,LTD. is a wholly owned subsidiary of CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD.With  Chaoda valves group(CHAODA group”) quality management and safety system(Get the approvals of ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, API6D, CE/PED, API607,API6FA, ISO15848-1, TS and API600 gate valve certified),top level developing team(Provincial Key Enterprise research Institute,Provincial Key Enterprise Technology  Innovative Group, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center),advanced machining equipment, well chemical analyst and inspection equipment(Optical Spectrometer, Helium low emission tester, High & Low temperature performance equipment and etc)we could provide our clients with perfect products and satisfied service.

API Cast Steel Globe Valve 

Type: J41H,J41Y,J41W,J641H,J641Y,J641W,J941H,J941Y,J941W等

Bore: NPS½~NPS18,DN15~DN450

Rating: Class150~Class900

Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel,Duplex Stainless Steel
Applicable: Oil,Chemical,Natural Gas,Petrochemical,Coal Chemical and so on


API Cast Steel Globe Valve product description

    API Cast Steel Globe Valve适用于Class150~Class900,DN15~DN450的各种管路上,用于截断或接通管路中的介质。选用不同的材质,CHAODA group的API Cast Steel Globe Valve可分别适用于水,蒸汽,油品,硝酸,醋酸,氧化性介质,尿素等多种介质。API Cast Steel Globe Valve的驱动方式为手动,蜗轮传动,气动或电动。API Cast Steel Globe Valve一般采用法兰连接,也可采用对焊连接。

API Cast Steel Globe valves(Generally flanged connection, but Butt-welding optional) are suitable for use on various kinds of pipeline from Class150 To Class900, DN15 To DN450 to cut off or connect the flowing of medium. By using different material, the valves could be suitable for medium such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing substance, carbamide and etc. Manual/bevel gear/pneumatic or electric actuators could be chosen by needs. 

    美标手动Globe Valve只适用于全开和全关,不允许作调节和节流。近年来,从自密封的阀门出现后,Globe Valve的介质流向就改由阀瓣上方进入阀腔,这时在介质压力作用下,关阀门的力小,而开阀门的力大,阀杆的直径可以相应地减少。同时,在介质作用下,这种形式的阀门也较严密。

Manual API Cast steel Globe valve couldn't be used for regulating or throttling purpose but only acts as the on-off function. Recently, with the developing of pressure-sealing globe valve, the flowing direction of medium becomes from the above disc inlet passage to down disc outlet passage. In this way, the stem diameter could be smaller because it need smaller force to close the valve than opening with the pressure force of medium. Moreover, this type of globe valve has a better sealing performance owing to the medium force. 

    CHAODA GROUP WENZHOU E-BUSINESS CO., wholly owned subsidiary by Chaoda Group,Professional sales CHAODA group products,CHAODA valve products。CHAODA valves won the reputations of Zhejiang Famous Trademark,Zhejiang Famous Brand,Zhejiang Famous Exporting Brand and also enjoys prizes of 101 National Patent。

API Cast Steel Globe Valve product features

     CHAODA API Cast Steel Globe Valve具有以下特点:


 1. Simple structure, easy to manufacture and repair.

 2. Small operation stroke and quick opening & closing

 3. Good sealing, little friction force between the sealing face, long life span.
  4,在开闭过程中密封面的摩擦力比 gate valve小,耐磨。

4. The friction force between sealing face is smaller than that of gate valve, and it's more wear-resistant.

5. Normally only one sealing face which is well manufactured and easy to be repaired.

     CHAODA VALVES GROUP CO.,LTD. launched its quality management and safety system as ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, API6D, CE/PED, API607,API6FA, ISO15848-1 TS and API 600.

API Cast Steel Globe Valve standards

 Design and manufacture standards:BS1873, ASME B16.34, API602
 Face to face dimensions standards:ASME B 16.10
 Flange dimensions standards:ASME B 16.5
 Testing inspection standards:API 598, ISO 5208

API Cast Steel Globe Valve parts and material

API Cast Steel Globe Valve main size and weight

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